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A1 Telekom Austria Group Strategy Reflected by Design Refresh: Same Same, but Different

Visual A1 Brand Refresh

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As fast as the world is turning and there are new experiences and insights in the field of technology and telecommunication almost every day, appearance and design have to be renewed and developed in the same speed. The brand refresher of the A1 brand takes this development into account and the A1 Group strategy "Empowering Digital Life" is now even more supported by this design refresh. The reworked A1 Corporate Design now performs in a more dynamic, responsive, and digital way, while still staying true to its roots.

After the successful rebranding of all seven A1 markets the design had to be evolved for the different local needs and further explored for the best performance in all digital channels. So the A1 design language was updated and modernized in a future driven process – together the internationally recognized brand consultancy Saffron and with the involvement of all countries, departments and agencies in a “reality check” if the design works visually and technically for all requirements.

Alejandro Plater, COO A1 Telekom Austria Group: “As much freedom we give our subsidiaries in the local markets to offer tailor-made products and portfolios to their individual customers´ needs, as much same freedom do we provide with our local colleagues when it comes to the execution of the brand strategy. To build their own relevant and localized brand approaches, but tied to a common thought – Empowering Digital Life”.

Stefan Schindele, Brand Strategy & Corporate Design, A1 Telekom Austria Group: “With the design refresh we give the designers freedom in a framework: more possibilities, higher visibility, and visual consistency. Following our vision: Empowering digital life is what we do, experiences is what you get.”

The result is a new design, which gives higher flexibility within a consistent visual appearance – strictly driven from the digital perspective: optimized brand icons and logos, a new color world, more expressive pictures and illustration and more flexible graphic elements for all channels.

Matt Atchison, Creative Director, Saffron: "The whole process was a truly immersive and collaborative process with the A1 brand team, the resulting new brand ethos and identity system genuinely reflect the vitality and ambition of the project and A1's future".

The implementation started end of last year and will be rolled-out in all markets during this year. A first impression to be found at

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About A1 Telekom Austria Group
A1 Telekom Austria Group, listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange, is a leading provider of digital services and communications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe with around 26 million customers, currently operating in seven countries under the brand A1: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Belarus, Slovenia, the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Serbia.

Offering communications, payment and entertainment services as well as integrated business solutions, A1 Telekom Austria Group achieved revenues of 4.75 billion Euros by year end 2021. Around 18,000 employees and state of the art broadband infrastructure make digital business and lifestyle possible and enable people, companies and things to connect everywhere anytime. As European unit of América Móvil, one of the largest wireless services provider in the world, A1 Telekom Austria Group is headquartered in Vienna and gives access to global solutions.