Release of 09.04.2018

“The Digital Journey Continues”: A1 Telekom Austria Group to publish for 2017 a combined annual report and sustainability report for the first time

The A1 Telekom Austria Group has for the first time published a combined annual report and sustainability report for the year 2017. Under the title "The Digital Journey Continues" the Group underlines its role as a pioneer and preferred partner for digitalisation. The annual report and the sustainability report have been combined and sustainability aspects incorporated into the individual chapters. This allows an integrated, denser and yet compact view of the company.

Alejandro Plater, CEO A1 Telekom Austria Group underlines: "Business and sustainability goals are inseparable and are integral components of a corporate strategy. These connections become clear with the new combined reporting format, enabling a more efficient information gain and offering an up-to-date 360-degree view of the company for our stakeholders."

All reports, including the Group Management Report, the Corporate Governance Report, the Report by the Supervisory Board, the Non-Financial Report, the Consolidated Financial Statements and the other sections with additional information about HR, technology, strategy etc. have been brought together in one publication. The new combined annual report is based on the GRI Standards (Global Reporting Initiative) and the requirements of the UN Global Compact for a Progress Report.

Another plus point is that the key sustainability data will now be published earlier. The report will be published online only and in a new corporate design following the rebranding of the A1 Telekom Austria Group.

The Online Report is available under The downloads can be found on our website under the combined annual reports.