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Release from 27.02.2018

Alexander Kuchar Appointed A1 Group Director Technology & Future Services

Dr. Alexander Kuchar has been appointed Group Director Technology & Future Services with responsibility for the new group-wide technology strategy and Future Services. In his new position, which he took up on 1 February 2018, he will, amongst other things, drive forward the introduction of new cloud and over-the-top-based services, and the modernisation of convergent mobile communications and fixed line infrastructure.

In 2011 Kuchar was appointed Director Group Procurement and Director Supply Chain Management A1. In this position, he generated group-wide purchasing synergies and erected the state-of-the-art A1 logistics centre near Vienna. Kuchar joined the company in 2000. He studied telecommunications and electrical engineering at the TU Wien.


Alexander Kuchar
Alexander Kuchar

Director Technology & Future Services, A1 Telekom Austria Group

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Michaela Mayrhofer
Michaela Mayrhofer

Leitung Supply Chain Management, A1 Österreich

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