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A1 Telekom Austria Group: `One2Many´– A1 Live Shop as Best Practice Sharing

A1 Live Shop

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A1 Live Shops across all Group markets as digital supporter during Covid-19 crisis

•    A1 Live Shop solution as combination of online shopping and personal consultation
•    Changing customer requirements demand for fast innovative solutions
•    Record-breaking time of launch across 6 Group markets
•    Whisbi as reliable partner to support transformation
•    `One2Many´ Group strategy to support the optimization of the core business

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and the currently changing customer requirements, A1 has redesigned all customer service channels accordingly. Within a few days, selected A1 Shops across 6 markets have been converted into a digital supporter in times when conventional shops had to be closed. Local shutdowns pushed already existing Live Shop projects to speed up. Best practice sharing within the A1 Group and with the support of a reliable partner, Whisbi, made a speedy execution during the Covid-19 phase possible.

“The A1 Telekom Austria Group's cross-market goal is to develop products and solutions once rather than several times and to roll out successful products and solutions in all markets. In addition to product development, this is also applied to internal processes. The fast launch of the A1 Live Shops within record-breaking time is an excellent example of how our strategic approach `One2Many´ works”, says Alejandro Plater, COO of A1 Telekom Austria Group.
“I´m so proud that the shops are now up and running in 6 countries within our footprint. Digitalization is happening and the Covid-19 crisis has now accelerated this dynamic. Customers are moving automatically into more digital interactions and with the A1 Live Shop we fulfill this need”.

With Whisbi, a gobal provider of an innovative mobile-first conversational sales and marketing platform, the solution is solving digital transformational challenges for enterprises and creates an opportunity for sales and marketing professionals to increase sales conversion, improve live engagement and provide a differentiating online customer experience.

 “I’m very excited to see the A1 Live Shop project live already in 6 markets and I hope we can grow our partnership with the A1 Group even more. The brand has really embraced conversational selling by enabling their sales agents to assist their online customers in real-time with the A1 Live Shop. At Whisbi, we are designing the new generation of customer experience and creating conversational funnels that are centered around customers. With our technology, A1 Group is now able to offer a differentiating online customer experience to their customers, which has proven to also drive up digital sales”, says Alex Bisbe, CEO at Whisbi.

Background information on the A1 Live Shop
People's shopping behavior has been constantly changing: already almost 90% of all customers get information in advance on the website of the supplier about advantages and disadvantages of the desired product, and a great part of them also buy online. But what if not all questions can be answered in the online shop or if customers need support in other ways? Already in November 2018, A1 Austria started to revolutionize the online shopping experience with the launch of the A1 Live Shop. A1 employees are available for a video call and thus have the possibility to help the customer even when the regular online shop reaches its limits. A1 Austria was the first country to test the system and paved the way for the other countries across the Group. Thus, all A1 Group countries benefit from the innovative A1 Live Shop solution, which combines the advantages of online shopping with personal advice and visual product presentation.

About Whisbi
Whisbi offers a Conversational Sales platform to Capture, Qualify & Convert online leads for enterprises who want to boost assisted and/or unassisted sales. With the mix of sales and support services, we deliver unparalleled customer experience through continuous enterprise-level workflow customization. The company has unparalleled experience working with global enterprises in telecommunications, automotive, travel, Insurance and banking. As the chosen partner for some of the world’s biggest brands, such as AT&T and Hyundai in the USA, Whisbi plays a crucial role in omni-lead strategies that boost online sales through customer experience. Whisbi’s industry-specific insights and workflow customization have helped its customers to increase their online sales conversion rate tenfold and double their cross-selling.

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A1 Live Shop
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A1 Live Shop
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