Release of 19.10.2021

Results for the Third Quarter 2021

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  • Group total revenues increased by 5.5 % almost entirely driven by service revenue growth in all markets, both in the mobile and the fixed-line businesses.
  • Equipment revenues were higher, as volume-driven declines in Austria were more than compensated by the increase in equipment sales in other markets.
  • Mobile service revenues increased by 8.8 % on a Group level, driven by growth in all segments, and in particular continued strong performance of mobile core business in Austria, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria.
  • Fixed-line service revenues grew by 3.0 %, mainly driven by the Austrian, Bulgarian and Belarusian segment with all the other countries also contributing to the growth. In particular, solid traction of solution and connectivity business added to the growth.
  • Growth in Internet@home subscriber base of 5.4 % driven by mobile WiFi routers in all markets, especially in Bulgaria and Croatia.
  • The number of mobile contract subscribers rose by 6.2 % due to a higher number of M2M subscribers, higher number of mobile core subscribers as well as growth in mobile WiFi routers.
  • Fixed-line RGUs stable (-0.2 %), as growth in high-bandwidth broadband RGUs compensated for a decline of low-bandwidth broadband and fixed voice RGUs.
  • Roaming revenues continued to grow in Q3 year-on-year (positive impact yoy: ~1 % of revenues; ~ 2 % of EBITDA versus approx. 1 % in Q2 2021) due to more travelling in the summer season across the footprint, especially in Croatia, while staying substantially below pre-COVID levels.
  • Higher service revenues translated into solid Group EBITDA before restructuring charges growth of 8.4 % (reported: 8.7 %), outweighing increased costs and expenses. Excluding one-off and FX effects as well as restructuring charges, Group EBITDA increased by 9.0 %.
  • In Austria, EBITDA before restructuring charges increased by 5.0 % (reported: 5.4 %), due to successful translation of service revenues and improved equipment margin.
  • EBITDA in the international operations increased by 11.3 %, with strong growth in all markets except for a slight decline in Slovenia.
  • Net result increased by 26.9 % in the third quarter of 2021, driven by strong operational performance.
  • Free cash flow decreased slightly from EUR 172.5 mn to EUR 167.6 mn in the quarter under review, as improved operational performance and lower working capital needs could not fully offset higher capital expenditures.
  • Spectrum acquired in Q3 2021: 700 MHz, 3.6 GHz and 26 GHz for EUR 14.0 mn in Croatia.
  • Outlook 2021 raised: 3-4 % Group total revenue growth; CAPEX excluding spectrum investments and acquisitions of ~EUR 800 mn (unchanged).

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