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Release from 28.04.2020

Results for the 1st Quarter 2020

TKA Results Presentation Q1 2020

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Key financial and operating highlights

  • Group total revenues increased by 3.4 %, with growth in Bulgaria, Belarus and Serbia and stable total revenues in Austria.
    • Mobile service revenues rose in all markets except for Slovenia. Growth was mainly driven by the ongoing strong demand for mobile WiFi routers.
    • Fixed-line service revenues were stable, as growth in the international markets outweighed a decline in Austria.
  • Mobile contract subscribers rose by 5.0 % year-on-year, with growing or stable numbers in all markets.
  • Fixed-line RGUs decreased by 0.9 % year-on-year, as TV RGU growth mitigated the decline of fixed-line voice and fewer low-bandwidth broadband RGUs in Austria.
  • Group EBITDA excluding restructuring charges increased slightly by 0.4 % (reported: +1.7 %), driven by higher service revenues outweighing higher bad debt expense following higher ex-pected lifetime credit loss of accounts receivables.
  • In Austria, EBITDA excluding restructuring charges declined by 3.1 %, mainly driven by roaming losses and lower retail fixed-line revenues following promotional discounts, while OPEX in-creased mainly due to higher bad debt allowance and costs related to the commercial 5G launch in January 2020.
    • EBITDA in the international markets grew by 6.5% driven by Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia and Serbia.
  • Net result grew by 3.9 % to EUR 89.3 mn in Q1 2020, as foreign currency exchange losses in Croatia and Belarus were partly mitigated by lower tax expenses due to the release of accruals regarding a decided tax case in Bulgaria.
  • Free cash flow increased from EUR 34.4 mn in Q1 2019 to EUR 104.7 mn in the reporting peri-od, mostly driven by lower working capital needs.
  • Outlook 2020 suspended as it is still premature to give a precise estimation on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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