Release of 21.09.2023

Ad-hoc release: Reference price of EuroTeleSites shares set at EUR 4.95 per share

Telekom Austria AG has been informed that the spin-off by formation to establish EuroTeleSites AG in the commercial register will be registered with effect as of September 22, 2023. Subject to the approval of the listing prospectus by the Austrian Financial Market Authority and the admission by Wiener Börse AG, trading in the shares of EuroTeleSites AG on the Official Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange is also expected to commence on this date.

The Management Board of Telekom Austria AG, together with the Management Board of EuroTeleSites AG and with the assistance of external consultants and their valuations, has determined the reference price of the EuroTeleSites shares - which forms the basis for the first price formation in stock exchange trading - to be EUR 4.95 per share.

The EuroTeleSites shares will be allocated on the basis of the respective securities account balances in Telekom Austria shares at the end of the last trading day prior to the allocation date, i.e. September 21, 2023. Shareholders of Telekom Austria AG will receive 1 additional share in EuroTeleSites AG for every 4 Telekom Austria shares held. Telekom Austria shares will be traded "ex entitlement" to the EuroTeleSites shares as of September 22, 2023. An amount equal to one quarter of the reference price of the EuroTeleSites shares (corresponding to the allotment ratio of 1 allotted EuroTeleSites share for every 4 Telekom Austria shares held) will be deducted from the closing price of the Telekom Austria shares on the Official Market on the Vienna Stock Exchange on September 21, 2023 prior to the start of trading on September 22, 2023.

It is expressly pointed out that the depositary entry of the EuroTeleSites shares shall only take place on September 26, 2023 (settlement date). Whether or not shareholders of EuroTeleSites AG will be able to dispose of their EuroTeleSites AG shares already at the time of the commencement of trading on September 22, 2023, and prior to their depositary registration on September 26, 2023, and, in particular, to sell their EuroTeleSites shares on the stock exchange, depends exclusively on their respective depositary institution. Neither Telekom Austria AG nor EuroTeleSites AG can influence this. Shareholders are therefore requested to clarify the possibility of selling their EuroTeleSites shares with their custodian prior to registering them in their securities accounts.