Meldung vom 06.02.2023

Ad-hoc release: Information from the main shareholders on the syndicate agreement and the spin-off of the mobile towers

Telekom Austria Group (VSE TKA, OTC USA: TKAGY) today was informed by the two main shareholders -- AMX and ÖBAG -- that they have agreed to renew their syndicate agreement for a term of 10 years from this date, including certain changes to the management board structure upon expiry of the current term of the management board members.

The company was also informed that the two shareholders have agreed to support a spin-off of the mobile towers into a separate company the shares of which are planned to be listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange and distributed proportionally to Telekom Austria AG's shareholders. A decision about the spin-off is subject to all relevant corporate approvals.

Note to the ad hoc announcement: Siegfried Mayrhofer, CFO of A1 Group will leave the company at his own request at the end of August 2023. The Management Board will be reduced from three to two persons.