Release of 16.04.2020

A1 Telekom Austria Group: Austrian subsidiary A1 digitalizes COVID-19 Sample Processing

•    Implementation of digital screening platform by Austrian A1
•    Simplification and acceleration of entire sampling process
•    Secure connection via A1 Data Center
•    Taylor-made IT solution promising for health sector

In close cooperation with the state of Tyrol, the Red Cross and the med-tech company ilvi, A1 implemented a digital COVID-19 screening platform within a few days, through which a large number of tests can be carried out faster, more reliably and more securely than before. The platform was implemented by the Tyrolean innovation company World-Direct, a 100% subsidiary of A1.

The powerful COVID-19 sample application is based on a server solution operated by A1, to which authorities, screening teams and laboratories are equally connected. A mobile device with ilvi software is used for the reliable input and transmission of sample and patient data that quickly captures all relevant information and transmits it in real time to the associated laboratories.

The laboratory results are transmitted to the competent authority immediately after the result is available via the COVID-19 application and enable the authority to inform the affected persons very promptly about the lab results or to take further steps.

Secure and reliable digital capture
The new COVID-19 platform significantly simplifies the entire sampling process and speeds it up considerably thanks to significantly improved data quality. The secure connection to the A1 data center in Austria and the seamless integration into existing IT infrastructures ensures the protection of patient data.

Secure digital recording and processing of COVID-19 tests relieves laboratories and makes it possible to test more people than before and to inform them about their state of health. Together with its cooperation partners, A1 has developed a solution in just a few days that helps to effectively meet current and future health challenges.

The digital screening platform is a tailor-made IT solution that is promising for the health sector, with which COVID-19 tests can be carried out even faster and more securely. This relieves the strain of the health workers on duty. Communication between the authorities and affected persons is also significantly accelerated - after a test has been carried out, there is rapid clarity for all persons involved.

The newly developed digital process in the COVID-19 test procedure can significantly improve the data quality and at the same time ensure the greatest possible security for patients and authorities. The entire sampling and diagnostic process is significantly simplified and, above all, accelerated by the digitalized data. There is great potential for further patient-friendly applications based on this platform.

Simple and fast workflow
As part of the newly developed procedure, the entire process of COVID-19 sampling - starting with the call to the health advice service line and ending with the processing of the laboratory results - is electronically displayed.

Background information
The person to be examined receives a text message with a link that will call up an individual encrypted QR Code. When the sample is taken, this code is scanned together with the eCard, and the barcode of the sample is read. With these simple steps, the laboratory sample can be clearly linked to the corresponding personal data and forwarded electronically to the responsible laboratory. This also ensures secure allocation in the laboratories and easy retransmission of the results to the authorities.