Release of 25.03.2021

A1 Telekom Austria Group Announces the Listing of Exoscale, a Cloud Provider of its A1 Digital Subsidiary, to EU Project OCRE

As of now, universities and research institutes in 38 European countries can use the cloud solution from Swiss Dev-Ops company VSHN together with Exoscale, A1 Digital's cloud platform. The institutes can use the companies' secure cloud services as part of the Open Clouds for Research Environments (OCRE), an EU project. A total of 27 cloud providers have been added to the catalog, one of which is Exoscale, partnering with VSHN.

“As part of Gaia-X, our cloud solution from Exoscale by A1 Digital, we can offer a purely European solution. Universities and research institutions in particular handle many sensitive data and it is our obligation to provide our customers with reliable, powerful and secure cloud services”, says Alejandro Plater, COO A1 Telekom Austria Group. “I am particularly pleased that Exoscale was successful in the tender in 38 countries with our partner VSHN, and additionally in Austria and Macedonia with A1”.

The OCRE project aims to accelerate the use of cloud computing by the research community in Europe by offering research and education institutions ready-to-use service agreements with cloud providers. More than 10,000 research and education institutions can directly access cloud offerings through the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) service catalog. In 38 countries, VSHN and Exoscale are among those cloud providers that have passed the rigorous testing by OCRE and are implementing the corresponding services.

Through the framework agreement between OCRE and VSHN with their partner Exoscale, educational and research institutions can now use the Exoscale platform as one of 27 options and book the desired services without a time-consuming and costly tendering process. Exoscale provides compute, network, object storage, GPU servers, virtual private clouds and more from 6 zones in Europe: Frankfurt, Munich, Geneva, Zurich, Vienna and Sofia. The recently launched Exoscale Scalable Kubernetes Service (SKS) is a powerful alternative to the respective services of the big hyperscalers.

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