Release of 06.04.2021

A1 Telekom Austria Group Announces the Launch of Blacknut Cloud Gaming Service on the Austrian Market

Just as streaming movies and series has changed people's media consumption, cloud gaming will permanently change computer gaming: Without expensive hardware or forever sold-out consoles, playing countless titles is possible on almost any device with Internet access.

With the Blacknut Cloud Gaming Service, A1, the Austrian subsidiary of A1 Telekom Austria Group, is now the first communications company in Austria to bring a cloud gaming platform to the country's screens.Together with its partner, cloud gaming specialist Blacknut, A1 facilitates cloud gaming access to its 5 million-plus subscribers with more than 500 family-friendly games.

Cloud gaming is a key new service in 2021, so it is ideal to work with a partner like Blacknut, as they are able to bring not only the technology to deliver a great cloud gaming experience, but also the biggest catalogue of games.

"Our new partnership with A1 in Austria shows again how cloud gaming is near the top of the agenda for mobile operators," said Olivier Avaro, CEO of Blacknut. “Latest cloud technology finally gives us the speeds and low latency to fulfil the promise of cloud gaming, delivering a quality experience wherever you are. The team of A1 really grasped the potential for gaming as a new service opportunity, and we look forward to working together to make this launch a success.”

Gaming of a new generation without in-game purchases and advertising With Blacknut Cloud Gaming, A1 offers access to over 500 computer games for the whole family in a monthly terminable subscription model. The games can be played on almost all widely used platforms: whether in the browser on a PC or Mac, as an app on an Android smartphone or on a Fire TV stick or Google Chromecast, all games are available - and without download times.

Unlike most free games, Blacknut Cloud Gaming does without in-game purchases, advertising, or lootboxes. This makes the service particularly suitable for families, as no additional costs can be incurred. The game selection is constantly being expanded and thus offers almost endless gaming fun. Currently, the popular Disney classics like Disney Epic Mickey - the Power of 2 or Frozen Rush and LEGO games like LEGO Star Wars, but also Farming Simulator, WRC8 or the racing title Asphalt 9 can be found on the platform.

The cloud gaming service will now integrate an option to subscribe directly in Blacknut’s Android mobile application with the carrier direct billing and facilitate the access to all A1’s consumers to +500 family-friendly premium games.

This new service is already available, and A1 customers can sign up via the A1 mobile app

Launched in 2018, Blacknut’s cloud gaming service is available directly to gamers in 40 countries. Blacknut enables ISPs, device manufacturers, OTT services and media companies to quickly launch their own streaming games services. Blacknut is already powering cloud gaming services for telecom operators such as Telecom Italia (Italy), Swisscom (Switzerland), and POST (Luxembourg), amongst others.

About Blacknut
Blacknut is the world's leading pure player cloud gaming service dedicated to the general public, distributed both direct to consumers and B2B through ISPs, device manufacturers, OTT services & Media companies. Blacknut offers the largest catalogue of premium games with 500+ titles carefully selected for the whole family, all included in a monthly subscription. The service is now available across Europe, Asia & North America on a wide range of devices, including mobiles, set-top-boxes and Smart TVs. Blacknut was founded in 2016 by Olivier Avaro (CEO) and is headquartered in Rennes, France, with offices in Paris, Seoul and San Francisco.