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A1 Group Announces Launch of Fully Digital Brand “re:do” in Slovenia

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In Slovenia, A1 Group is reshaping the telco landscape by introducing a new brand, which is fully digitally operating. With this customer-centered approach, the new brand will meet the customers´ demands such as self-servicing all necessary steps, reasonable prices, full transparency and no obligations such as a long binding contract. By the simple installation of an App (available for Android and iOS*), the user is equipped with all necessary steps and tools to start the service right away. The brand is running under the roof of A1 Group and on the top-class network of A1 Slovenia.

With this agile approach and a completely customer-focused service, re:do will pioneer changes in the market, placing independence and constant customization in the foundation of its future operations, as only complete digital transformation makes it possible to constantly tailor products and services to the needs of the users in real time.

“Global trends show that the digital world, which is increasingly omnipresent, is changing exceptionally fast and that also impacts how we will act in it in the future. It is clear that mobile users want to manage their own mobile subscription plans, and to be able to do so immediately, without any intermediaries, in the simplest and most easily understandable way, and with as few obligations and as much freedom as possible. All of this is now available on the Slovenian market from the new digital mobile provider re:do,”emphasized Alexander Kuchar, Director Technology & Business Evolution, A1 Group.

The Slovenian telecom market is very competitive and in good shape and A1 Slovenia, provider with the largest 5G network in the market, is an ideal operator to introduce this new business model, which might be launched in further Group markets sometime later. While most operators are facing huge challenges by the OTT players and experience heavy disruptions, re:do is disruptive itself by a dynamic approach and pioneering simple mobile services, with no obligations, a free trial period, the customer option to select their own number, an independent, fully digital activation through the app, with unlimited calls and unlimited data.

“Trust is one of the key values of re:do´s DNA, which we provide our customers with by offering them the best network in the country. In addition, we strive to clearly listening to all the demands of our customers and then offer tailor-made packages and technical solutions. Despite, we are constantly adapting our offers and business models to really meet our customers´ requirements. Only by transforming ourselves and adapting to a new economic and industry environment we will be able to play a key role in the future”, said Iliyan Dimitrov, General Manager re:do.

The re:do offer addresses all customers, but most likely young users, who do not want any contractual obligations and prefer reasonable prices. Furthermore it is attractive to pragmatic users, who want things to work out right on their mobile, in a simple and easy to handle way, tech enthusiasts with affinity to innovative services and performance and all those, who prefer quick and fast solutions and offers.

Note to the editor

re:do users can select between an eSIM that makes it possible to begin using the services immediately, , or a physical SIM card, which can be sent to them by mail or purchased at at Petrol and OMV gas stations. Users can first just test the service in a free 14 days trial that bears no obligation for the user. They can enter their debit or credit card into the app, and pay for the service upfront, with all the payments being made automatically. The user can enter 2-5 figures of the mobile number that they would like to have in the app, and re:do will compile a list of possible mobile number combinations that are available, so the user can select the one they want from this list. They can also port their current number from another operator.

About re:do
re:do is a new fully digital brand providing total freedom and transparency of operation for all its users. The brand’s slogan is simple and clear: “In your hands”; by the simple installation of an App, the user is equipped with all the necessary steps and tools to start the service right away. re:do is a new digital brand running under the roof of A1 Group. It was first launched on the Slovenian market.

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