Release of 12.09.2023

Corporate News: Listing of Telekom Austria AG's tower business on the Official Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange expected to commence on September 22, 2023.

Telekom Austria AG announces the expected timetable for the spin-off of its tower business into a separate company (EuroTeleSites AG) and listing on the Official Market (Amtlicher Handel) of the Vienna Stock Exchange as follows: Subject to the timely issuance of all necessary approvals - in particular the registration of EuroTeleSites AG in the companies register and the approval of the prospectus required for the listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange by the Austrian Financial Market Authority - the listing and commencement of trading of the shares of EuroTeleSites AG on the Official Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange (in the "Prime Market" segment) is expected to take place on or about September 22, 2023.

The EuroTeleSites shares will be allocated on the basis of the respective deposit balances in Telekom Austria shares at the end of the last trading day before the allocation date, which is expected to be September 21, 2023. Shareholders of Telekom Austria AG will receive one additional EuroTeleSites share for every four Telekom Austria shares held (the number of Telekom Austria shares held by each shareholder will remain unchanged by the spin-off). Share fractions of less than one EuroTeleSites share will be collected and subsequently sold on the stock exchange. The proceeds will be credited to the respective shareholders in cash, probably in mid-October 2023. Shareholders of Telekom Austria AG do not have to make any separate arrangements through their depository bank for the registration of the shares of EuroTeleSites AG or for any realization of fractional shares.

It is expected that Telekom Austria shares will be traded “ex right” for EuroTeleSites shares from September 22, 2023 onwards.

It is expressly noted that the deposit entry of the EuroTeleSites shares is expected to take place on or about Tuesday, September 26, 2023 (settlement day). Whether shareholders of EuroTeleSites AG will be able to dispose their EuroTeleSites shares via the stock exchange already at the time of the expected commencement of trading on Friday, September 22, 2023 and prior to their deposit entry, which is expected to take place on or around September 26, 2023, will depend on their respective depositary bank. Neither Telekom Austria AG nor EuroTeleSites AG has the possibility to influence this. Shareholders are therefore requested to clarify whether they are eligible of disposing their EuroTeleSites shares prior to the deposit entry with their depository bank.

There will be no change to the listing of Telekom Austria shares on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

The spin-off of EuroTeleSites AG is expected to take place just before the end of the third reporting quarter of Telekom Austria AG. As the deconsolidation process takes a longer period of time, Telekom Austria AG has decided to publish the results of the third quarter in an abbreviated form, but still as planned on October 17, 2023. The approach chosen is to present the condensed consolidated statement of comprehensive income as if the tower business were part of the Telekom Austria Group as of the reporting date September 30, 2023. The publication of the consolidated statement of financial position and statement of cash flows as well as the segment reporting is exceptionally waived.

Disclaimer for forward-looking statements:
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